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Upstream Hela Women Limited (UHW) is a 100% nationally owned company with a Board of Directors consisting only of women. UIHW was incorporated under the Companies Act in 2011 to hold and manage the future of Papua New Guinean Women and their daughters. Shareholding is open to the opposite gender only via their corporate bodies. Only women are eligible for election as Directors to form the Board, as enshrined in the Company Constitution. Hela (Komo/Margarima, Tari/Pori, and Koroba/Lake Kopiago) women and girls will be given priorty in the share market before opening up opportunities for women and girls in the neighbouring provinces. Read More »

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20 Jan 2012
Grand Launching Celebration
The UHW Grand Launching Celebration is to be held at Andaija Oval, Tari, Hela Province and will include parades, dances, dramas, traditional singing, dedication service, speeches, and more.

Company Details

Upstream Hela Women Limited
Roselyn NGIBE, Secretary
Veronica Lunnie PAYAWI, Managing Director

Business Interests

   Trucking, shipping, aviation
Poultry Production
   Growing, processing, marketing
Vegetables and Fruits


Upstream Hela Woment Limited (UHW)
PO Box 2480
Boroko, NCD
Papua New Guinea